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Cloud-Rider® Patent Information

Cloud-Rider® Designs is the proud originator of various after-market motor vehicle accessories and are protected by Canadian Patent Numbers 2,406,439 / 2,366,081; International Patent Numbers 6,729,652 / 6,938,929 / 7,066,493; (other Canadian & international patents pending)

Cloud-Rider® Designs also possesses the following Canadian and US Industrial Design Registration Numbers:

DCICAN-83662 / DES430,096 DCICAN-83661 / DES402,615
DCICAN-101022 / DES479182 DCICAN-101023 / DES482,310
DCICAN-83659 / DES412,310 DCICAN-83660 / DES412,310
DCICAN-101020 / DES479,180 DCICAN-101021 / DES479,181
DCICAN-83885 / DES420,968 DCICAN-83884 / DES420,968
DCICAN-98119 / DES478,856 DCICAN-98118 / DES479,856
DCICAN-83665 / DES427,560 DCICAN-83666 / DES427,560
DCICAN-86613 / DES431,519 DCICAN-86614 / DES431,519
DCICAN-83664 / DES403,650 DCICAN-83663 / DES403,650
DCICAN-110399 / US Patent Pending DCICAN-110781 / US Patent Pending
DCICAN-104714 / DES512,350S DCICAN-104715 / DES511,722S
DCICAN-110782 / DES511,722S DCICAN-103757 / DES492,241

Cloud-Rider® Designs aggressively defends its rights and has been twice successful in court proceedings to stop the unauthorized manufacture by others of items created and patented by Cloud-Rider® Designs

Only Cloud-Rider® Designs may produce Cloud-Rider® Products. Unlawful imitators will not be tolerated - Cloud-Rider® Designs enforces its legal rights.

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It Fits® is a Registered trademark of Cloud-Rider® Designs

Updated November 2019

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