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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know that your product will fit my vehicle?
We employ a team of skilled designers, who use not only their expertise, but also, state of the art equipment and the actual vehicle application to ensure that each product 'fits like a glove'.

Is your product easy to install?
We pride ourselves in the skill and creativity we bring to everything we design. Our products are created with your convenience in mind and if you follow our skillfully compiled instructions, your installation will be a breeze.

Do I have to remove my vehicle's original grille to install your screens?
No, that's the beauty of our product; we have designed our screens to fit like a 'second skin'. We even custom design and make the necessary installation hardware.

How does your screen attach to my vehicle?
Your product comes with all the appropriate hardware clips, custom screws, locknuts and installation sheet. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Read the instructions, this is the most important point! Make sure all required hardware is included. (Every application is different and uses custom clips, brackets, screws, etc.)
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. Install the product.

Why do you include locknuts with your hardware?
Locknuts are your insurance against the clip and the screw from becoming separated and losing your hardware. They are also protection against someone 'helping themselves' to your screen.


What is a block heater hole?
In colder climates, a block heater is plugged in to warm the engine block to keep it from cracking. The cord for the block heater typically extends through the bumper opening of the vehicle.

If I have a custom license plate, what bumper screen do I order?
We can only allow for a precision fit around the factory license plate bracket.

Can I just purchase either the upper or lower screen in a combo package?
Yes, we will 'split packages', however, you will need to call our toll free number @1-800-632-1255 to place the order.

Can I get a screen without the Cloud-Rider® logo stamped into it?
No, sorry, we are proud of what we do and like to tell people about it.

Can the manufacturer's logo (Ford, GMC, Dodge, etc.) be removed or a screen be designed to cover it up?
We design our screens to fit precisely around any existing factory logos. We think the vehicle producer has just as much right to be proud and 'show off' their product as we do.

Do you make products for vehicles that are not on your web site?
We are constantly in the research and design mode.


When will my order be shipped? How can I find out the courier tracking number? How long does it take for my order to arrive once it ships?

What if I change my mind or I don't like the product once I receive it, can I send it back?

Can I have the package express shipped to me so it arrives faster?
Yes, but you must call our toll free number @ 1-800-632-1255 so that we can quote you the cost of the express shipping and enter your order manually.

How are your products shipped?
We use FedEx or CANADA POST who have been in the courier business for many years and have a quality reputation.

Will I be charged a Customs Duty if my order crosses the border?
Although our courier acts as the Customs Broker for you when a product crosses the border, there is a duty charged to you at the time of your initial transaction for orders over $200.00.

If the product is not in stock, how long will it take to ship?

Do you ship outside of North America?
Yes we do. If you choose the product(s) you want to purchase on our site and add them to your shopping cart, you can then click on the link which says: For orders OUTSIDE of Canada or the U.S. click here. That will generate an e-mail request to us. We can then quote you the freight to your location and you can decide if you want to place the order.


At what temperature should I remove my Winter Shield? Can I use my All Season Screen year round?
It is your responsibility to monitor your vehicles gauges, including temperature. When the outside temp. reaches 0º C or 32º F you should remove your Winter Shield™. Failure to heed this warning is like 'wearing your snowmobile suit to the beach'! Simply replace your Winter Shield™ with an All Season Screen™, which, as its name states, can be used year round.

How heavy is the metal you use? Is it flimsy?
We manufacture with a variety of metals which have been tried and tested for each application. The fender on your vehicle is thinner than our screens.

Do your screens restrict airflow in warmer climates?
Our screens have been tested in all extremes. We manufacture in the heartland of the Canadian prairie. Although we can experience pretty drastic cold temperatures in the winter, we live through almost opposite heat in the summer. We can have spells were it is +28º C to +32ºC (+82.4ºF to +89.6ºF) for weeks at a stretch. It is not unusual for us to hit +40ºC (+104ºF). Our Classic™ and Round Screens™ remove approx. 41% of the metal, depending on the application. Our Spectare-Mesh™ screens remove approx. 61% of the metal, depending on the application. Our Diamond™ screens remove approx. 56% of the metal, depending on the application. Also, most vehicle applications are 'ground breathers' as well as 'nose (grille) breathers' and collect their air from many different places. We have sold well in excess of 1 million screens worldwide in our 20 + years in business. Overheating is not an issue with our product.

What is the best way to clean your metal products?
Wash with a gentle detergent and rinse very well with clear water. We recommend wiping your Cloud-Rider® products with a damp chamois. NEVER use stiff brushes or harsh abrasives.

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